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Why Resilient?

Our Mission is to support leaders, teams, and organizations to embody the skills necessary to consistently reach higher goals, quickly recover from setbacks, and face new challenges with wisdom and perseverance.

It is our aim to support you in gaining deeper insights and knowledge —for you to thrive, inspire and live out the contribution that is excited to emerge.

Our core philosophy

At Resilient Leadership, we believe that you are here to do more than survive. You are a leader, and as such, you will be challenged, you will be put in uncomfortable circumstances and you will upset the status quo. But the question is, who are you being while you are leading?

Your success as a leader will not be measured by how well you maintained the status quo. It will be measured by the contributions you made. In order to be the biggest contribution available within you, you need to be courageous, wise and resilient.

Our approach

We have an opportunity to use the philosophies and insights of the past, in combination with the leading edge discoveries of neuroscience and social sciences to lead happier and healthier lives. Using age-old wisdom and new innovations it is possible to cultivate empowered teams and agile organizations that move quickly to solve the world's toughest problems. At Resilient Leadership, we support our clients to reveal their brilliance and create team environments that allows talent to shine.

you will be a more effective leader

We believe that you can:

Lead from a place of courage, wisdom and embodied strength.
Lead in such a way that your teams want to follow you on their own volition.
Live your contribution to your organization out so fully that others are inspired and empowered by your presence.
Lead a life that is personally fulfilling, professionally rewarding and positively contributes to the world at large.

Executive Coaching

Face challenges with courage, wisdom and resilience. Recover from setbacks with ease and perseverance. For emerging leaders and seasoned executives ready to take their leadership to the next level.

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Team Coaching

For teams, departments and groups ready to set higher goals, collaborate more effectively and face bigger challenges with ease and fulfillment.

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Change Management

For organizations that are ready to make informed choices, grounded in accurate assessments. Develop the skills and capacity to effectively deliver promises and mission.

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360◦ Feedback

Clear, grounded feedback on your strengths, challenges and leadership weaknesses. A plan for developing new skills and improving your leadership capacity. Personalized coaching to put the information into action.

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Surveys + Assessments

Understand the processes, systems and information your organization needs to reach peak effectiveness and efficiency. Tools to insure that you not only understand where the gaps are but how to fill them effectively.

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Let’s Have A Conversation

We believe that we are all RESILIENT by design and through building our capacity, and learning to move effectively with change, we can overcome any obstacle.

We believe that through awareness, there is an opportunity for more productive action. By building skills in effective communication, you and your team can face challenges with greater resiliency, and deliver more reliable results.

In 45 minutes, we’ll uncover your current gaps in leadership, re-center on your top strengths, and guide you through your potential and how our coaching expertise can help create new possibilities.

Our request: Come to us with your biggest concerns and a willingness to share openly– so our solutions will have the biggest impact in your organization and your life.

Our promise: You’ll walk away able to see more possibilities for your team and your leadership.

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What our clients say about us

“Before meeting Charlene, I lived in a perpetual state of self-imposed high expectation and self-criticism. The ability to live in the moment was beyond me. She helped me realize that significant events from my past shaped how I deal with life today.

I am now able to identify the tendencies that cause me to be overly critical of myself… My approach to both work and home life has improved tremendously.”

Nate Breed

VP of Finance

“My coaching with Charlene has changed my life personally, professionally and socially.

I was traveling through life with unrealistic expectations and carrying a sense of failure. … Charlene has an incredible way of holding me accountable with honesty and connecting me with what really matters.”

Chad Henline

Director of Operations

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

~Nelson Mandela

Resilient Leadership