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Resilient Leadership
Surveys & Assessments

Surveys & Assessments

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Enhance leadership skills and gain new insights

Resilient Leadership: conducts in-depth organizational surveys and studies to help you clearly understand the processes, systems and information your organization needs to reach peak effectiveness and efficiency. We then support your team to make the research actionable to insure that you not only understand where the gaps are but how to fill them effectively.

Studies and Surveys

Feasibility Study: Will that new idea take off? Is that new service or product needed in the market? Is there buy-in for those departmental changes? Will that re-org really work?

Workflow Analysis: Is your team reaching optimal performance? Where are the gaps? How effective are the communication channels? Where are the bottlenecks? How can your team work smarter and more efficiently? Are the right people in the right places?

Organizational Effectiveness Survey: Do you have a company culture that invites full participation? What are the group dynamics interrupting innovation and collaboration? Is your team connected to organizational purpose, mission and vision?

Interactive Sessions

Business canvas session: Get crystal clear on how you want to initiate and test a new initiative, program, department or business by identifying resources, marketing partners, customer segments and their respective value propositions.

Interest-based problem solving session: Co-create innovative solutions to your most pressing cross-departmental challenges. Create win-win resolutions for partnerships and collaborations that you’re about to launch or that have gone sideways.

Mission and Vision Development Session: Create Mission and Vision statements for departments that connect to the overall organization goals that strongly connect to the shared care among the individuals executing operations. Create full buy-in and committed contributors who believe what they do and why.

Operation Guidelines: Establish easy to understand guidelines for engagement. Be clear on who does what, when, why and for whom. It seems so simple, yet without clearly defined roles and responsibilities teams quickly lose focus and devolve into toxic dynamics.

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